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Overcoming Joint Pain As A Plus-Sized Lady


I had suddenly experienced left knee pain, probably landed my weight on one side of the knee. That incident caused me to limp throughout the day. I couldn’t bend or straighten my leg. And I was also running a fever from the extreme pain. 

After a night dose of Cynovial, I could bend my leg better and wasn’t limping the next morning, although the strain can still be felt. I continued the recommended twice-daily dose of Cynovial for the next few days and felt way relieved. 

Personally, as a plus-sized lady, my legs and knees have to endure the burden of my body weight. And this supplement has indeed helped me. Now I can bend down with more ease and walk with less pain. Also realised I seldom get night leg cramps like before. 

Therefore, I can confidently say that Cynovial is my trusted daily supplement now! With breakfast and dinner 💖 

I am convinced. So will you. Go try a bottle!


Hernie, 39, Nurse