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How Cynovial Has Helped My Knee Pain


Before Cynovial, living life as a plus-sized woman meant stairs had always been my greatest enemy. Over the years, I have spent thousands of pesos coming in and out of different doctorʼs offices, from orthopaedics to rheumatologists, to determine the cause of pain in my joint knees. 

I decided to do some research and discovered Cynovial. After some weeks, I found it worked wonders. Stairs became enemies that I could defeat. Before Cynovial, I never enjoyed long shopping trips. I recommended this to my mother-in-law, who often complained about joint pain in the shoulders and knees. She had thought it was simply old age. Now I often see her walking without the help of her cane. 

Cynovial became a beacon of light in my so-called dungeon of darkness. It relieved my overall pain and made my daily living routine as a plus-sized woman lighter than ever.

- KC, 48, Plus-Sized Mother